Friday, November 04, 2005

Let's Make a List

Are you like me? Do you find you can't function properly without a list made of things to do? Sometimes I feel like Dakota Fanning, the little girl, in Cat in the Hat who is sitting there with her Palm Pilot making a list of the things she needs to do and one of the things she has to do is make the next day's list! It totally cracks me up! Reminds me of me! Scary! life lately is a long list. It seems as always my plate is a bit full! Not that I feel like I can't do it full...just full that I don't think my poor Mommy brain can remember half of the list full! So..lists are good right? My list has some things that are long long overdue to be done and new things that somehow I must get done by tomorrow's Open House or else that list is hitting the trash can!

So here's some things on my list:

1)Find order forms for SLiving and CTMH to take to Open House.DONE!
2)Make drawing slips for SL & CTMH for Open House. DONE!
3)Take things to Amanda's tonight.DONE!
4)Decide what to take to Amanda's tonight!ha DONE!
5)Finish November 16th class so someone may actually come to it! DONE!
6)Get the class to the store!DONE!
7)Write calendar article for Scrap Jazz by Monday and complete several layouts to use with it!(yikes!) DONE!
8)Work on ornaments for crop on the 18th so people actually know what we'll make and if they want to.
9)then go get the ornament stuff!ha
10)Remember Gymboree meeting Sunday night! :-( Yuck! Sunday night!!DONE!
11)Find out next week's work schedule at Gymboree DONE!
12)Prepare for new twins who are starting next week! Which means I am officially FULL! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONE!
13)Email everyone about CTMH new specials before the year end and new catalog comes out.
14)Send Thank You card to publisher.DONE!
15)Send Thank You cards to sponsoring product companies.DONE!
16)Coordinate Xmas gifts for Design Team.
17)....I know there is more..but my brain won't allow me to list more!!ha

Anyways..maybe this list will help me...I'll come back and mark things off as I get it can be the judge of how good I do!

Until then..I leave you with my new favorite layout!


  1. You are a busy girl - hopefully the open house will pay off for you like last year! Good news about the twins - you think you are busy now....just wait! Have a good weekend!

  2. I am a major list maker too. I love to make lists and will even rewrite them to rearrange the order and fix spelling. UGH! I'm a freak. That hula girl layout is just adorable. I just love the cool ribbon flowers you made. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!


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