Monday, December 12, 2005

Life's been a while! And that doesn't mean I haven't thought about stopping to blog..but lately it's just seems too indulgent when there is so much to do. But I do promise to at least try to get back to posting pics and layouts if anything! Although I'm sure you really missed my sarcasm and attitude rants over things right?

Well our house is decorated and looks great! I added just a few new things this year..but the biggest change is that the tree is downstairs. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it..but you looks great..fits perfect and now I don't have to worry about the little guys messing with it. Here's a picture of it..I swear it looks right out of a department store with how much is on it...

Is that one loaded tree or what? Connor, Haley and Parker helped this year and did a great job. It's absolutely amazing how many ornaments we now all have with receiving at least one or two every year.

Here's a shot of it with lights this..

This week we are having my Mom and Dad come over for dinner and take our Xmas pictures for something different. I've got us all wearing pink for the girls and green for the guys. Can't help it! Blame Target and all those adorable pink, green and red things that they have in the $1 section! Loved it all..great fun colors!

I worked this weekend on some Xmas ornaments for the little ones I watch. Trying something different..will post those as soon as they are finished but so far so good!

So that's it for now..I'll post some pics of the kids in the snow..but I'll try better to keep up!


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  1. What a festive tree! You guys did a great job!! Looking forward to seeing the ornaments you are working on!


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