Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend Update

Wow..the weekend before Christmas and we were definitely busy! Saturday got up early, headed to Gymboree..had fun..sold tons..bought some too!(When don't I?) Then headed home, got a bite to eat, headed to the Cigar store for a surpise for Mark & Scott, then Target(DANGER!) then back home. Painted my nails while watching Hitch(LOVE THAT!), got ready, picked up babysitter, then headed to pick up Mark and Tammy..and on our way to heaven.......Bahama Breeze and their Bahamarita's!!!!!!! Best drink ever! And their onion rings and their amazing's the best there! We took them out to thank them for referring a friend to Scott to sell their home. Lots of fun!

Sunday involved all things Christmas! Christmas cards, candy, gingerbread house, Chrismtas ornaments, Christmas presents and more! But it's all done and that's what is important to me! I still have some present to wrap..well all the presents to the kids from Santa that is..and need to pick up some treats for Parker's Xmas party..but such a good feeling of things being done! Hopefully these items I ordered early last week show up in time!

And as a final note to our weekend we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. A movie with much controversy..but it's hard for me..I like Angelina in her Tomb Raider' I knew I would like her in this and with the hunky Brad. Well, I wasn't dissapoitned at all In fact..I thought it was a great, action, all that I expected. And surpised when who else should be in it...but Vince Vaughn. Interesting huh? Wonder if he helped fuel the fire as he would have been on set with those two! Nonetheless..I liked it and the life they live is theirs to do!

Well, I'm off..trying to be a better blogger this busy time of the year..have a good one!

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  1. WOW, they did a great job! No gingerbread house for us this year. My ds and I did one last year. They are lots of fun.



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