Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!

Well it's lucky number year! Yes..I am one of those that loves even numbers and anything with a 2 and a 6! So high expectations for a great year!

So..some things I have been up to..watched 40 Year-Old Virgin..loved it. Enjoyed it from beginning to end! Funny..just right funny!

Packing up Christmas decorations and it seems to be going faster then I remember. I think it is because the basement is finished and it's so much easier with the tree down there and just hauling it all downstairs and not having to drag all those Rubbermaid containers up and down.

Thinking of some goals for myself for this year. Not really resolutions..but just some goals. Get the kitchen redo started, paint some furniture pieces, keep up with my scrapping..which isn't hard with the design teams..but maintain and maybe add a little. Keep up the to read!! Take more everyday pictures! Go for more walks...bowflex..exercise. Things like that..nothing major..just keep on keeping. And keep the level of unnecessary things in this house to a minimum oh and while on that..decrease my overspending in Target and TJMaxx. Thinking save on those so when ktichen is stuff for in there much better than crap all around the house you don't even notice.

Would love to find a used '68 or '69 what Pierce Brosnan drove in After the Sunset for Scott! We have this thing about them..would be neat to have a Camero and Corvette. I think!LOL I know..I love cars..can't help it.

And a silly but still nice one..keep my nails painted or at least paint more often. Even though they are short..they still look really nice when OPI watch out!

So just some thoughts on this new year..hope everyone had a good one..we did..oh and Battle of the Sexes is a very cute game to play..I learned some stuff..did anyone know that Dunebuggy's have a VW engine? I do!LOL

that's it for now..


  1. Funny to see you mention this car. I have dreamed of having a 68 or 69 Camaro since I was 16.

  2. Love your banner! Way cool car!!! Good luck with your goals...


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