Monday, January 09, 2006

Headed to South Beach

Yep..are you jealous? Scott and I are headed to South Beath. Well, maybe I should clarify..not South Beach Miami...more like South Beach the diet!LOL Although the first one sounds better!

No sadly we are back on the diet..not that we really strayed..but over the past few months..we indulged more than we should have and it seems to have caught up on us. I weighed myself this weekend and then Scott did. Neither of us told the other until yesterday and revealed we both are too heavy! I put on 5 but really need to take 10 off to be where I should and Scott put on 10. YUCKY! No wonder my clothes don't feel good and that is with stretch in them! So back to the beach..back to walking..which I should of never stopped. But very hard to do when you work alot and then add a second job.

So we're hitting it hard..need to..don't like how we feel. I can see it much more on myself than Scott..but then he has 8 inches over me and that should make a difference!

So wish us luck on our trip..we'll need it! I'll keep you posted on our travels!ha

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  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know I know how HARD that is...but I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! You did it can do it again!!!


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