Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm Shocked

Well I am...that is Nike Shoxed! Since I started my walks back up this weekend I noticed my shins were really hurting while walking and that my concentration was more on my shoes than my walk as it should be. And really I know why, as the shoes I was wearing to walk in were backless..Skechers slides! But really up till now I never have had a problem in them. But something has changed and I can't walk the speed I want in them. So I knew I needed a new pair to get my rear in gear and walk without worrying that my shoe is going to flip off.

So after weeks of seeing all these cute Shox on people walking in and out of Gymboree..I knew I wanted to check those out and that they must be pink! Saw a really cute pair on a girl the other day and she told me they were from Finish Line. Went online yesterday where they had a $10 off coupon and I had a gift card to the Mall(thank you Kim!!!!) so after dropping Haley off at dance class. Parker and I headed to the mall. And what did I find..but the shoe of all shoes..the Julia shoe..me in a nutshell! Totally different from what I had seen and liked..and really much more me!

At first they felt very strange on..as shoot I don't normally wear shoes with backs on them. And then the shoxs under my heal(senstitive spot for me) were odd..but I could tell they would be good. The gal asked if I wanted to wear them home which I did..the whole time taking in how good they felt on my feet. And actually..shoxing..wanting to go on a walk at night! So they must be a good thing..new shoes really do boost your enthusiam for exercise especially when they are this darn cute!HA

Oh and update on my weight..I was 2 pounds down this morning..but that could have but a goofup..maybe not! Shoxing!

And for those scrappers..got my Designing with 2006 Calendar and can I say..I think this is a must have calendar for every scrapper out there! So run...buy..you must have one..I will get alot more done now with this for inspiration! OH and Kim at Cropper's Cottage has a few in stock..so grab one fast!


  1. Oh those shoes are UBER cute!!!!!


  2. cute shoes! great job on the weight!

  3. I thought you were a PURPLE girl!!! LOL!!

    What happened???

    Cute shoes...funky...but cute... look very springy!!


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