Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Comes Too Fast!

It's true! It does! The weekends just fly by lately and before you know it..Monday is back! This weekend was no exception! It started with the scrapbook crop at my house Friday night! It was a packed crop too with lots of new ladies added to our usual group. Lots of fun..but I don't get to scrap. I'm just too busy being Hostess. But I enjoy it and now and then do get to sit and actually work on my own things.

Saturday I worked at Gymboree. I didn't want to go since I knew I needed to work on design work..but must go. Once I got there I enjoyed myself as I seem to do. It's just the getting there..leaving that is tough to do. And what is even more amazing is during my three hour shift..I sold over $1000 in products!!! That my friends is UNREAL! My bosses mouth was just hanging open in compete awe of me. I love the's easy to help people and never be pushy about it. Appearantly they think I am the bomb at the store!ha I wonder why!

Saturday night worked on my assignments and suprised myself by completing three layouts and one card! That is alot for one evening. I worked on them while we watched Lord of the Wars with Nicholas Cage. Good movie..kept me interested.

Sunday..more design work, organizing my albums and protectors, putting away all the pages waiting that were in a big pile, helped Connor with his project and completed one more layout. It's one of my faves now! Here it is:

We watched another movie this one called The Constant Gardener..with Rafe Feines and Rachel Weisz(the Mummy)..this one again kept my attention but was a bit of a tear jerker as well. We have so much to be thankful for after seeing conditions people live in in Africa!

And then woke up this morning with a bump on my right eye right at the spot of your eyelashes. It's bugging me..making my eyelid feel quite heavy..and bothering my contact. I'm going to try not to think about it even though I am!HA Wishing I was with the gals from SJ and CC and at the CHA in Vegas. Getting to walk about, meet people, get lots of cool goodies, say hi to all the wonderful people at Bo Bunny and just take in this amazing hobby of mine with others. But maybe in July I can swing Chicago..a whole lot closer and better time to be gone!

So that is boring Monday morning post..wishing the weekends lasted longer!


PS...check out the Quote of the Day today on my couldn't be more appropriate with this post!



  1. Wow, you been busy! That's such a cute layout of Haley!

  2. lovely layout! you had a very productive weekend! i wish i would have been able to scrap this weekend...i need a good crop to go to, lol

  3. and yes i tagged you, lol

  4. LOVE the layout!! It is really cute! smiles, Christi

  5. constant gardner is in my netflix queue. also see hotel rwanda if you haven't already seen it.

    yup, all those things inspired me to sponsor a woman via the one i got is in kosovo.


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