Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Gosh..even writing the word rejected is hard much less talking about it. You see I have entered a few Design Team contests lately and keep getting the same thing..rejection letters. For some of them it was really easy to accept..I maybe knew I wasn't a perfect fit and therefore really should not have applied but still did. But for others, things you know you personally would kick some JLo butt at..the rejection stings really bad.

I normally keep quiet..don't tell anyone I am applying much less that I have been rejected but that is hard too when you see others publicly posting about their efforts and then publicly posting about their rejections. I read them..feel the same thoughts..but just keep quiet figuring their are enough people feeling the same..why add one more to the pile.

So please forgive today..I am feeling the rejection sting pretty hard. And you know I am really wondering about the direction I am moving. For a while I felt a big forward momentum..but right now I feel like I am stuck in neutral with a tendancy to roll backwards at times. Maybe I need to stop and really think about what it is I want..even though I thought I knew that. And had I made this last team..I don't think I could have wanted for anything more. Makes it really tough.

Maybe I am just supposed to stop with all the applying and refocus my efforts on my current work, current projects and do those the absolute best I can do and maybe just maybe if I continue on..I will shift gears and slowly start the forward movement again!

Soapbox over!



  1. Hey I know How you feel beacause I have been there.Hey the last four things I entered I have been rejected. Hugs Wanda

  2. Sorry Julia~ Big Hugs to you!!

  3. i think you and i need to talk. i have a feeling we're coming to the same crossroads-maybe for different reasons, but the junction is the same.


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