Monday, February 13, 2006

Doodling is good right?

Wow! Did I get an amazing package today from Sakura! Andrea secured Sakura's Glaze Pans as our ScrapJazz sponsor for my team this month! Talk about excited! I have a pen obsession..really now! I am fussy about my pens, people using them and pressing too hard and damaging the tip, I love finding cool colors and never really ever write in black or blue(gasp!) Since I started scrapping I have been in love with Sakura's Micron them. But they are a bit expensive and hard to always rationalize a pen over several sheets of paper and such.

But today..I hit the pen jackpot! Thanks to Sakura..I think I am set for quite a bit. They sent me not only the Glaze pens..which are supposed to be amazing, but a whole huge stash(93 actually) of all their pens! OMG I am going to be in doodling heaven!

And since I haven't gotten to post the past couple of ask what have I been up to?(well you probably didn't..but I am going to fill you in anyways!LOL) I spent a good portion of the day Saturday painting. Painted the ceiling fan blades in my bedroom(now they match my big beautiful bed) painted the armoire in my scrapbook room to match too and painted Scott's dresser. You see we have this amazing bed..well here is a picture of it..

He gave this to me for our Anniversary 2 years ago and I LOVE IT! I can't imagine this big room without it. Of course I have been wanting to pick up the matching pieces..but that just hasn't happened. We took two big dressers from Scott's brother when they moved and since they were an off white..just worked with them. But they bug the heck out of me. They are not the right color and have these big huge, old brassy handles. So..this weekend..I started painting Scott's is where you can tell the color difference..look on the drawers.

See..already looking much better! Needs another coat or two and then I need to find some new hardware that doesn't cost more than a new dresser!Ha! I did get the armoire painted as just needs another coat and new hardware too! My Mom was nice to give it to me..but the blue it was painted wasn't the right color for my scrapbook room. Soon things will looks like they belong versus a hodge podge assortment!LOL

So there's my update..93 pens to play with and some painting to finish up!

Have a good one,



  1. Have fun with all your pens! I love your bed and the dressers are looking good!!! smiles, Christi

  2. about five years ago sakura sent me tons and tons of pens when i was with it was better than christmas, so i know the joy you're feeling!

  3. OMGoodness, I'm so jealous...they didn't send me any Microns, goshdarnitall...LOL!
    Have fun painting (and doodling!)

  4. Look at all those pens!!!
    Omg, have fun with those!
    I love the Sakura Micron's, too.

    Great pretty!
    And that painting job looks good!

    I guess you have been staying busy!

  5. Wow, awesome job with the decor and painting! Looks comfy!

  6. love your decorating style. the painting looks great!


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