Thursday, February 23, 2006


I am late in sharing these..but I have to. Last week Thursday we had such weird weird weather. Unusually warm for February. About three o'clock in the afternoon the sky turned dark and looked like we were going to get one heck of a storm. Well we did..a massive hailstorm like I haven't seen for quite some time. It hailed so hard you couldn't see a was literally blinding...thank goodness none of us were out in it. And my one Mommy had just arrived in time to pick up her kiddos and stayed till it passed us. It was nuts!

Here's some pictures from it..

This is my front yard while it was happening..

here's what was collecting on my front porch..

this is what collected in the kids wagon which was outside in the "science lab"

and this is what Connor gathered up to show me..unreal!

Well that's it for now..more exciting things to come later..just wanted to be sure to share these crazy pictures!

Have a good one,


PS...I should say that thankfully none of our cars were damaged in this which I am so grateful for! And thankfully my favorite car..was safely tucked away in the garage!


  1. WOW! look at all that HAIL! Love the pic with his hands holding all the hail! :) Cant wait to see how you scrap those!

  2. WOW!! Those are great photos!! Hugs Wanda

  3. Very cool! Hail is so interesting to me! We had a hail storm in July once where it looked like it had snowed!


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