Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Moving On

Well I vote for a redo for Friday and Saturday. After Friday's fun of having a family tell me they are quitting completely ignoring the two week notice requirement my day went into a downward spiral. I could really care less(I know sounds mean..but they as adults agreed to the policies I have when they hired me) that the Mom has to work nights thus the reason for quitting. They completely ignored my policies and I should have been more alert when they ooops forgot to tell me that they were taking a week off! HELLO Julia...that was a BIG warning sign! So moving on..went Friday to see Baby Lilly..who is by the way..absolutely beautiful and so teeny tiny it's really unreal!!!!!!!!! She is so pretty and looks like her big sister Grace. Here's a sweet pic of Deidre and Lilly..sorry Deidre..I can't resist!

Friday night got home and had a terrible headache. Crashed out on the couch..went to bed. Boring! Saturday Scott off to work and the kids wanted to know were we going anywhere. Decided it would be gift card day! So we complied all their Xmas gift cards and I told them I'd take them out. We hit Sonic first for lunch, then Target, but the movie Parker wanted doesn't come out till today.. Wallace and Grommit and the Curse of the Whererabbit or something like that. Then headed to ToysRUS. UGGHH..what fun that is! They hemmed and haaweed and finally finally Connor picked some items. Haley knew what she wanted..they didn't have it though. So we popped in Walgreens on the way home for their $1 cookies that they take in their lunches and what did she find..yep..the Tamagotchi Pet she wanted. So we got it..and now have a digital pet...or whatever it is!LOL

Then headed home by then feeling another headache. Sat crashed..early bed..headache.

Sunday up..set to cleaning the house as Saturday night the kids trashed it while I laid on the couch, got it all spiffed up and then Tammy, Mark and the kids joined us for Superbowl. Had a blast..and wished it was Saturday night instead of Sunday!

So now just moving on this week..dealing with what happened Friday, hoping another family that Amanda referred to me does indeed call and I don't have to advertise..I hate that! I really do! Need to get a jump on my next design assigment and try not to think about the BIG things that are worrying me and hope everything falls into place! Let's hope..

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