Thursday, March 16, 2006

10 Good Things

List ten things that you recommend...Anything from a recipe to a book to a website or a behavior. Great things are meant to be shared! (Thanks Sophia C.)

Okay..taking the's my random list:

1)My HP printer 7760..sorry..can't live without it!

2)Bahama Breeze..Bahamarita's...hands down the best drink I have had!

3)Revlon's new Extreme Wear nailpolish..when they say it stays on 10 days..they are pretty darn close. And if I didn't wash my hands 50+ times a day with would!

4)The Book "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden

5)Shopping online at Cropper's Cottage ...Kim is fantastic!

6)Target Brand snacks and drinks..taste just as good as the brand names!!!!!!!! And for so much less it's stupid..a bag of pretzels for .52 and the competitor..$1.59!

7)Target..well how could I leave it out..everything in there I recommend!LOL

8)Arbonne's Citrus Sugar Body scrub..makes you feel amazing and smells incredible!

9)Kenra Volume Spray purchased at Trade Secrets..makes my hair stand out like I want it! No stickiness!

10)Sonic's Slushes...need I say more!

Okay..let me see your top 10's!!!!!!!!!!!

That's it for today,



  1. Great challenge, Julia! I will have to think on my 10 things! Smiles!

  2. i am working on finishing up mine right now :)

  3. I've already blogged today so I'm going to try and do this challenge tomorrow! It's a good one!
    Love how your blog looks, Julia!!!!

  4. I like this challenge, Julia. I am going out with my camera tomorrow to shoot a list for my blog. Thanks for the inspiration.
    BTW - we'll have to meet at Bahama Breeze sometime so I can test out that drink of yours!

  5. I'm thinking about my top 10, this is a cool challenge.

  6. Great challenge! We should all blog our lists.


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