Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Well maybe not my current age or the age I wish to be..not 16 is the number of layouts I have that I completed for the month of February! HOLY COWS! Yes..COWS! Doesn't that seem like alot? Really now..16?LOL And well shoot..I have a 17th started too...that is ALOT! But what an amazing sense of accomplishment. I think I have slowed down a bit on the picture taking..maybe not consiously but I have. I think in my head it's saying..take a breather..we don't need to capture every cute look the kids have. But I do need to capture so more of Connor. I am in dire need of getting my 10 year old to do something other than play his PS2 and Tamagotchi!LOL Guess I need pics of those though right? I'll try..I will.

So what's new with me? Well today I am tired..really tired! Working last night at Gymboree hit me really hard this morning. Maybe because I didn't sleep good with the Snorer next to me. It's really gottten out of hand lately and I am so tired of it. Really! Literally! I love that he falls asleep on the couch and I can go to bed and hopefully fall asleep before he comes up and starts in on it. But you doesn't matter..because between the hours of 4-6am he is ridiculous and my dark circles bear the burden or it! AAAHHH Hard to work a 15+ hour day and come home and have a lousy nights sleep and then get up and do it again!

I have been sneaking in some time for reading. I have to..that or my brain turns to mush with just babies all day! I am starting the much talked about James Frey's book..should be interesting..I'm going to read it as fiction as appearantly it IS! I have on wait at the library the Da Vinci Code which I cann't wait to read and then see the movie..anything with Tom Hanks! And lastly for this boring blog today...Harry Potter comes out in 6 days..yes count them 6!! Oh and Pride and Prejudice in 4!! Yeah..Deidre..we're watching it together!

So this is my very exciting post for the day..I'll leave you with one of my ScrapJazz design team layouts that I had to use the Sakura Glaze pens..these are such very cool pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drew on the flowers and the drew two on white paper and cut those out, popped them up. hard to see the centers with the Doodlebug sequins..much better here..come on over and you can see!LOL

I'm off,


PS...Deidre CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS ...Happy 1 Month Baby Lilly! You're so beautiful!!!


  1. OMG! MY 10 and 11 year olds do NOTHING but PS2! Drives me crazy! we SHOULD scrap about it though! :) what a BEAUTIFUL baby Lilly is! WOW!:)

  2. Love the layout, Julia!! 16 that is just such an incredible amount!!

    Hey, I'm a big Tom Hanks fan, too! Just watched Sleepless in Seattle the other night. Such a classic. :)

  3. Thingincommon #199-hair appts on thurs. LMAO

  4. I'm with you on the snoring thing, although my dh says the same thing about me. I think we fight to see who can be the most annoying snorer!!!! lol!

  5. ooooooh, look at that gorgeous layout! It's beautiful!!! Wow!!! Congrats on getting so much done this month...that is awesome!


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