Thursday, March 30, 2006

5 Bugs in A Rug

Did that catch your attention? It's really Three Bugs in a Rug I am talking about but since their are 5 of us..I changed it. Are you wondering what on earth I am talking about? Well, I decided to post my 3Bugs work I just sent off for their DTeam. I really thought on this one and decided it is me..and does fit me to a T..and that is what is the really important part of it's a match!

So here's my is welcome!

This first layout(click on the pics!)..I am going to share the journaling as I am not sure if you will be able to read it. And to me..the journaling is what truly completes it..and yes..gets me all teary-eyed too! Here it is: won’t be long before you are no longer my little girl. No longer content to play Bratz dolls with your friends outside on the front lawn. Wait..soon you won’t ride your bike as fast as you can around the cul de sac laughing with your beautiful blonde hair blowing behind you. Wait..soon you will not want to swing on the playset and go down the slide..soon you won’t fit. Wait…they’ll be a day when your friends won’t knock on the door to play..or the decision of whose house to sleep at. Wait..don’t grow up too quick..because the thought of no longer seeing you, doing these things, being my little girl is more than I can bear.. wait..because I need to savor my little girl a bit longer! March ‘05

Here's the second one..the journaling pulls out of the white bag on the bottom of the page..and is all about me, my signature style things(I posted them here on my blog) and all that!

and my altered item is something I have been wanting to do for a while and so goes with my's nothing fancy..but it's sure me! Note...5 flowers for the 5 of us!

So there you have it..I just couldn't be happier with what I made..and regardless of whether I am on the 3Bugs Team..I am lucky to be apart of my own 5 Bugs in a Rug crew!

Have a great day,



  1. you rock. have i told you that lately? well, you do! i love the LOs and ahem...the boobage. he he
    luv ya, girl.

  2. those
    the layouts are too cute :) and i LOVE your altered item!!

  3. Your work is gorgeous!!!!! I hope you get a spot on that team because it is you!! :)

  4. Good luck, Julia! I think you have a great shot...everything here is gorgeous!! I REALLY, REALLY love those flowers!!! WOW!

  5. Julia beautiful stuff, I love love it!! Hugs Wanda

  6. Good luck with 3bugs!! They'd be crazy to pass you up!!! :)

  7. Great stuff Julia! I am rooting for ya' girl!!!!

  8. Good Luck - that's an awesome entry! Love your altered project, those flowers are adorable!!!

  9. GREAT job on these entry pieces! Wonderful LOs and those flowers are so stinkin' cool! Love everything -- good luck to you my friend!


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