Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Case of the Worry Wart

Well this week this blog has definitely taken a turn for the worse hasn't it? Have you ever had a moment occur that so much was sitting on that when it all fell apart you didn't know whether to laugh or cry? That is this week for me! I don't need to bore you with details on it..but it's a moment that affects the five of us and our well being in our lives. Simply put! So I am declaring this week Worry Wart Week..because I have no way of getting away from it just has taken over us and made us feel so helpless.

Hopefully this will improve.. it has to right! A family can go no further down..but sadly I know you can. Let's just hope we don't. And to add to this another worry. No..I am not a hypocondriac..let's just say when little things go wrong though..I wonder..worry really but when you're generally a healthy person..little things should stand out right. Here's the deal..this past week I have noticed when I wake up in the morning..the middle to pinky fingers on my left hand feel like their slept on them funny. But I am not aware of sleeping any different..I do know that my hands are normally in a fist when I sleep though..which Scott thought was weird. But's bugging me..really bugging me. And it takes a while or so it seems for that feeling to leave them.(especially in my pinky finger) So..can anyone offer any thoughts..ideas besides run to the doctor as that would only add to the previous worry since we're self insured and pay for most every silly thing. Thus again..the first worry!

So free advice is good..and appreciated for this declared Worry Wart!



  1. hugs for you sweetie!! when my gramma was alive and had arthritis (which i doubt you have) she would run her hands under hot/warm water to loosen them up every sounds like a nerve is slightly pinched -- maybe some stretched would help?

  2. i get that sometimes but more so in my toes than fingers though sometimes i do get it in my fingers... its poor circulation from sleeping so solidly my dr said... if i dont move all night when i wake up its like that... ironically when i toss and turn more and sleep worse i wake up feel more normal... it has actually all improved dramatically since losing weight... try not to worry.. though i tend to be a worrier too

  3. It sounds exactly like Carpal Tunnel...I have it off and on and I think most of my aunts have had surgery for it. Are you left handed? Or do you do something repetitively with your left hand?? If so, that aggravates it. Google it and they will offer some home remedies.

  4. I am so hoping things start going better for you soon!! I am a worry wart to which increases my stress which totally messes with my health. Yoga helped for me as far as anxiety and stress but I have to do it regularly.


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