Monday, March 20, 2006

The Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny and I share a few things in common..we both like the color pink and most times we just keep going and going and going....

This weekend was a true test of my ability to keep going and here's why:

Friday I took the day off intending it as a fun day as it was the kids last day of Spring Break. Woke up unfortunately with an outrageous headache and the worst upset stomach ever! No desire to do anything but of course lots to do. So I set off to scrap a little but really no luck as who can scrap with a headache! Not me! So turned my attention to cleaning the house. What fun! Finished that..then thought..I should exercise..might help the headache and these 10 pounds aren't budging. Choose a Yoga tape that I ended up feeling like I am the most out of shape person ever! Did the whole thing and then headed off to a shower. Scott was finally on his way Haley and I headed off for our errands, picked up up some Sonic, headed back home..and then we all headed off for our late night Cosmic Bowl date with friends. I am not sure if my body was worn out from the Yoga, upset stomach and headache..but the bowling that night was fun but exhausting. My hand immediately hurt, arm, elbow! Gesh!

Saturday..woke a bit of breakfast and then Scott and I headed outside to work on yardwork. We had quite a bit of work to fact about 5 hours worth of trimming, raking, bagging and all that good stuff. Came in..feeling like I had done 10 hours of raking!LOL Then 2 layouts done!

Sunday got up..had a bit of breakfast(see a pattern!LOL) and then packed up and headed off with Scott and kids to a home Scott is listing next week. The owners parents lived there a good 30+ years and are now deceased. Scott and his friend spent the prior week painting the entire house and now it needed to be cleaned so the carpet can be laid this week and then listed. A friend of ours cleans homes..but wasn't interested as it was filthy! So guess who volunteered? Yep me..I figured we could use the money toward our vacation stash(which right now we have enough to go to St. Louis and back!LOLOLOLOL) I bad could it be? Well..30+ years of living in the house and smoking...BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UUGHHHH BAD! Bad enough I spent 3+ hours in one 6 by 6 size bathroom! 3+ HOURS!!!!!!!!! And I could have cleaned more..just that my forearms wouldn't move after the previous two days! So 6 hours later..yes..6(and that was cleaning one small bathroom, one small kitchen, washing a basement floor and sweeping out the rooms to prepare for carpet and windexing windows...we returned completely and totally worn out! But..I still managed to get 2 loads of laundry done and a scrapbook page and card! Now that is nuts! I sit here today and think about this weekend..I know I truly am the Energizer Bunny! Don't you agree???


Here's one of those layouts..this is for ScrapJazz using Craft Diner's papers. This picture of Haley and her friend Emily just kocks my socks's a must see in person! So come on over!


  1. First of all, Girl you are the energizer bunny... I need a nap just reading all you did. WOW!
    The picture of your daughter and her friend is too cute, I love the whole LO!
    Be Blessed, and slooowwwww down....

  2. What a weekend! Three hours cleaning someone else's bathroom? You are brave!!! I can barely get myself in to clean mine (lol!!)
    Adorable layout!!!

  3. Darling photo -- beautiful layout and WITHOUT A DOUBT, you are the Energizer Bunny -- I will not argue with that!

  4. You are the bunny trully!! BEautiful page! Hugs Wanda

  5. wow!

    Love the page - the photo does look awesome. Love those flowers on the bottom border!


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