Friday, March 03, 2006

Feeling BLAH!

Well I should have known it! I should have known that when it goes from 30 degress to 80 degrees my sinus' wage a war and it's inside of me! I felt it coming on know that feeling..the one that you have to sneeze but just kind of freeze up with you mouth open and nose pinched waiting..then nothing..then you sneeze so hard it's stupid! Well that was me for the most part of's the heavy head, heavy eyes, stuffy nose, sinus pressure under your eyes and the sound like your on the ocean in your ears oh and they click too when you swallow! So so so so not fun. It really keeps me off my normal pace and makes me turn into mush. Add to that the constant feeling of being thirsty! I told Scott he can make me whole life by bringing me home a Sonic Slush..that would be heaven..let's hope!

This this talk of feeling blah, I don't want to be considering I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning and then must go immediately from their to work at Gymboree and then must go immediately from there back to home to get ready for a wedding reception for my cousin. So...feeling like this would be very very bad. Did I say very bad? Let's hope it leaves my system just as fast as it hit me!

So no really big news here..this week is been blah to me..haven't picked up anything scrapbook related until this morning. One of my fellow designers at ScrapJazz is celebrating a birthday and we made her tags and put them into the gallery. I am so pleased with how this one turned's Jaime's Tag..

It's such a fun idea and something we'll hopefully do for everyone! Need to start this at CC but need to see what happens with the next team and whether I'll even be on it!

So that' sit for now..I need to go finish a bucket I am decorating. I have made countless decorated buckets for friends and never took pictures of them. So today when this one is done..I will share it.

Until then..I'm off with my stuffy head,



  1. OMG! that tag is so cute!!! LOVE it and you are totally would be great to do this at the Cottage.

  2. Your tage is so cool. I really like it alot.
    Sorry about your stuffy head and nose. I feel like I am in a fog when that happens.
    Be Blessed with a BETTER tomorrow!

  3. love the tag, julia!
    hope you feel better. sinus troubles SUCK!


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