Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good Bargains

Am I right in assuming that most people love a good bargain? I know I for one do! In fact those good bargains are what I am blogging about today. I worked last night at Gymboree. I knew it would be a slow night being a Tuesday night and Gymbucks are redeemable until next week..and the new lines don't come out until then too. So not a whole lot of reasons for people to head in to buy. One of my tasks last night was to price and store away a box of merchandise that had come into the store. It looked like products from 2005 and 2004! Where on earth the shipping center found those! Well I had no sooner said to my manager...keep your eyes out for some Capris in a size 8 for Haley then my hand hit upon a pair of the most beautiful green, soft capris pants. Adorable! In no way did I expect to see them in Haley's size as their were only 2 in the box..but guess what..they were! I scanned the price...they were $4...$4...not possible to not buy for I did...I just had to. It's funny how buying those pants for that price made me feel so good. I knew when I took them home and showed them to Haley..she would smile from ear to ear. As she is just like me and likes all that stuff. She likes to look nice..for things to coordinate when she goes out..even to play. Which I like..I like that she doesn't look like a mess..well most of the time!LOL

This weekend I found two other great my favorite store TJ Maxx. We were heading to the Children's clothes and what did I spy but a Stuart Little computer software for Parker. Checked it out and saw it was a new one and was for reading and math..turned it over and saw to my delight..$5.99!(and that was for 2 games!) Showed Parker and of course he wanted it as he is on a Stuart Little kick. Plus with Spring Break being this week..thought it would be nice to have something new to entertain him. So added that to the cart..and then the piece I am excited to play a bit with a jewelry box. I have been searching for a jewelry box for years! Years! I don't want the typical wood box..with glass doors and all that but something different..more me. Well I found it..but it had a mark on it and was already on clearance. I liked it though since it is a daux leather(assuming) and is a beautiful green with pink inside..very unique! So I took one up that was fine and took the one I liked. I wanted to show that they shouldn't be priced the same as the one I wanted had a mark on it and was dirty..but I knew I could fix it. So..they took a few dollars off and out I walked finally with a jewelry box for $8! I figure after about 14 years of looking for one..that price is more than worth it.

So I need to fix it up and maybe add something to cover the scratch..I'll share some pics after I do.

And before I go..I'll leave you with a layout I did for ScrapJazz using a new paper line from Craft Diner..seems fitting with the bargains/shopping theme as this is the cutest picture of Parker with a Gymboree gift box on his head!(be sure to click on the's a cute one! His eyes are so BLUE!)

"A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist."

-- Franklin P. Jones

Have a good one,



  1. Heck yeah I love a bargain!! Not always to great about finding them though ;)

    Love that paper on your layout and love the name of it "Craft Diner" to cool!!

  2. Yes, I love a bargin. I NEVER pay full price for anything unless, I'm at the wire an must have/need it then. My best bargin this year, I saw these terry spa robes at JCPenneys for I think 5 dollars, and since I work there I get 20% off, I bought the last 4 of them for $4.21 each, so now I have gifts for my daughters and myself.
    They we orginally $40.00 each. What a deal!
    I love, love, love your LO. He is just so cute. The paper is great. Love It!

  3. Julia great blog today. i use to work for Gymboree as an assistant store manager. they have the best bargins. but you have to watch.
    love the layout with the box. those eyes are gorgous!!


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