Monday, March 06, 2006

My dream girl..

Does it seem kind of weird for me to start my blog off saying who my dream girl is? I mean after all I like guys..I really do. But after watching the Oscars last night and seeing all the women, their dresses and their hair and all that..I am finally coming out to proclaim who is my personal dream girl..and who I so boldly told Scott I would happily trade from a blonde, blue-eyed fair skinned girl to...are you ready?

Any guesses???

Salma Hayek!!!!!!!!! Yes..without a doubt in a heartbeat..I have always thought she is drop dead beautiful and built just right..just my dream girl..who I would love to Salma! Not only does she have the most amazing hair, chest and shape..but she was wearing my favorite color of blue and looked sensational! Plus can I say..I love love love her accent!LOL It's perfect!

So if ever she cares to trade bodies, looks etc with me..I'll let you know!

On another note about the Oscars..I was so happy for two other Weisz...she is something this gal. Another one I love and her accent is to die for..and loved her in the Mummy's with the cute Brendan Fraser..but she was amazing in the Constant Gardener and didn't she look beautiful pregnant. So nice to see! And the other female I thought looked great..Jennifer Aniston. Who normally I don't make a big deal over..but she looked great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay for the happy for Phllip Seymour Hoffman. Read about his Aunt and Uncle who live here in St. Louis and were throwing an Oscar party with friends hoping he would win. Love him in Along Came Polly..I know..nothing like Capote..just love him in it. Sorry to see Jauquin Phoenix didn't win..he has these smoldering looks that just kind of sucker you in. We are going to try and rent Walk the Line this week. (happy for Reese too...she's adorable!) Jaime Foxx looked amazing..when doesn't he though..and favorite to see...

Matt Dillon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so so stinkin handsome and still looks like to me he did in the Flamigo Kid only better!HA Great to see him..hopefully we'll be seeing more!

Well I am keeping this short and sweet..busy weekend..much to do..have a good one,


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  1. Ah yes...dream girl. I used to wish as a girl that I was a dark haired beauty, rather than freckled and red-headed.


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