Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Pink is my Signature Color"

Do you know what movie that quote is from? Need a hint..the actress who said is has the same first name I do and we're just a year apart...yep..Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias. I don't think I will ever forget her saying that!

My blog post today is a challenge I Sophia posted to list 5-10 things that I would consider "my signature". Things that are so entirely know it's me. I go...

1)Blonde hair..and sticky outy so when I drive the Corvette and it gets's supposed to look that way.

2)Simple, but fun jewelry..never felt I could wear those big necklaces as earrings..just feels wrong.

3)NO HIGH HEELS!(well anything over 2 1/2 is HIGH!)

4)Phrases I often say..No worries, doll, luv you, toots, babycakes(yep...poor Scott!)

5)Bunnies..need I say more..I used to have them for pets, I collect Bunnies By the Bunnies! Happy Bunny is so so me!(it's scary how funny I think they are!)

6)Reader..hmm..that's an odd signature..but I am...

7) Creative..I would like to think I am in my own right..I may not be the most creative person out there..but I think most of my friends view me as this.

8) on earth could I leave this out! This I am!

9)Sun lover..beach lover..water lover..definitely me!

10)Well...yes...Pink is my signature color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add a touch of green and white and it's perfect!

So a challenge to you to come up with your "signature". I am sure there are more I could say..but that's for another day!LOL

Have a good one,



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