Thursday, March 02, 2006

What to Say..What to Say...

Hmm..not really an exciting week here other than the amazing warm weather..was 76 degrees here yesterday, that we are experiencing. Unfortunately along with that warm weather and my sinuses..that usually means a prompting of the not so fun stuff. I can it go from 30 on Sunday to almost 80 yesterday! So today feeling those sinuses of mine wanting to do what's the scoop!

That on top of a week that just is making me feel tired..sleepy. Most likely again..the weather and the drastic changes in it. I had to dig out some shorts for Haley to play in after just crazy..but I would be happy to have it all year round really!

Last night watched the Barbara Wawa special which had some hotties on it..but one in particular..can you guess who? Yep..Matthew Mcconaughey! HOLY HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I drooled heavily through the entire interview..and at several times was whooping and yelling Scott said. And keep saying..would you look at him! Yes..I am in love with that guy..deodorant user or not..I'll take him and those white amazing teeth! WOWIE! I think that was the highlight of my entire day!

And while the thought is in my brain..does anyone else resort to alot of baseball cap wearing the week of their hair appointment? Or is it just me? Major roots abound here and it's like my hair goes on strike at the same time and nothing works! And since I have ten trillion layers cut in so it stands out like Tina Turner...pony tails are it requires a hat..otherwise you have this pathetic pony and than all this mess hanging's so silly! So I am off to put on my pink hat that everyone comments on..and hope Saturday 9am comes quick!

Okay..I am's another ScrapJazz layout using those Sakura glaze pens, brand new Bo Bunny papers..and no..I did not draw all those flowers..those are printed..I just drew a don't give me more credit then I deserve okay!LOL I do still like it alot!!!!!!

That's it for today,



  1. love this LO! soooo cool!
    hey, i can't even do baseball caps. they don't look good on me. the best i can do is a scarf tied as a headband. real headbands give me a head ache.

  2. Love your LO!
    The hair thing is the pits! I work in a salon so when things get bad with my hair I can be found begging for a haircut!
    Be Blessed

  3. julia love the lo what a great job

  4. You're right...this suits that creative prompt perfectly. It is such a cute layout!


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