Thursday, April 06, 2006

Check out time!!

Yep..I am posting it's check out time for me. I'm gearing up for being gone tomorrow and Saturday at the CK convention here. Tomorrow I am helping out with Make n Takes at the EZ Laser booth and then Saturday I am Teacher Assisting with...Elsie Flannigan, Donna Downey and and Stacy Croninger with Paper Crafts magazine. And Saturday night headed to a designer dinner that should be fun too.

So I must bid you adieu today as my list of things to get done before I leave tomorrow morning at 8am is LONG LONG LONG!!!!!!!!!!

I promise to get some pictures..hopefully this mess of a head of hair will look more like it normally does!!

If you're planning on coming..don't feel shy and please say hi if you see me! Or better yet..come by the EZ Laser booth on Friday!

I'm outta here!!!!!!!!!


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  1. i will see you on saturday -- at least at dinner -- not sure how i am going to spend all my time once my classes are done, lol, but we will see :)


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