Monday, April 03, 2006

Feet in the Sand

One of the titles of one of my favorite layouts..feet in the sand. There is something so absolutely amazing about sand to me. The texture, feel, coolness, gritty..but I have these memories of sitting on the beach and burying my feet into the sand and just wiggling them around under the mound of sand. There is something about that sensation that I just can't describe other than heavenly. I also love when you first step onto the bed and your feet sink in..and the first few steps you walk sort of weird..but then you get the hang of it and trodge along..loving how it feels under your's amazing!!!!!!!!

This weekend Parker was treated to his own bit of heaven. When I got up Saturday I could tell it was one of those amazing know..the perfect temp..clear skies..light to little breeze..everything just right. and I knew immediately that Parker would want to be outside..I mean who wouldn't. But...yes..but..I knew his sandbox was empty and that is his favorite thing to play in. So I asked Scott to run to the store for some of the beachy sand for him.

Well, let's just say..Scott got home at 10:30 am with it..and Parker didn't get out until after 5pm! Yes...really! That long! He was in absolute heaven..moving it, sifting it, playing in it, molding funny that something as simple as sand can bring equal joy to both me and Parker.

Here's some pics I caught of him having a bit of heaven...

So tell me..what do you love about sand?



  1. Evan is the same way! He would stay in his sandbox all day if he could!


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