Wednesday, April 12, 2006


WOW! Yep..that's my highly intelligent word for the day to describe my life the past few days. It's a wow kind of thing.

Started with Friday doing Make n Takes at the show, getting a call from Stacey with Paper Salon asking me to join the team..I think I had tears in my was too unreal. Then spotted Elsie Flannigan on the floor and she knew me from my nice!!!!

Then Saturday spent most of the day helping Elsie..just love her! Wishing terribly I could go to the ScrapETC event with the other Blue Crew girls and take classes with Elsie, Cathy Z and Heidi and I think Carrie Colbert as well! So sad about that! Elsie..if you need an assistant..holler..I am free!lol

She's just too fun ..made me feel like I have known her forever..which know is silly..but such a great feeling with somone. And I now really want to take one her own classes..which she is supposed to come back to St.Louis in July and Elsie the offer stands!!! We'd have fun! I promise!LOL

Then I did get to TA with Donna as well. OMG she is a riot! Her class flew by and sadly I only had one with her..wanted more! Loved the class..loved her spunk and got a picture with her and Becky from Cropper's Cottage..but one got one of just me and I will have to pester her next time I see her!LOL

Then I got to TA with Stacy Croninger with Paper Crafts! Talk about a great lady and teaches a great bunch of classes. Really well done..and she is so so nice..and was thoughtful and donated the new issue of PCrafts for our dinner Saturday night. Thank you Stacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that..back for more with Elsie. Had so much fun..Carma with are so nice..let me know when I can come visit you in Utah!!! Found out after my class that I had won 2nd place in the Simple Scrapbook layout contest..that is too some more goodies..

then yes there is a then..headed to dinner to meet lots of great ladies from the St. Louis area for dinner. We had a really good time..although my steam was depleting by then!

So thanks everyone..CK, Paper Salon, Elsie, Donna, CindyB, Simple Scrapbooks, Spencer for the bracelet, Mary Jo and all the gals at dinner for making it a great great 2 days for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly..thanks to 3Bugs for making me feel ever more amazing with the Honorable Mention!WOW! See..that does best describe it!



  1. sooo happy for you, my friend. it sounds like the perfect weekend!
    send me the link for those bracelet cuffs again, will ya?

  2. how awesome Jules!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You had a blast! Can't wait to meet Elsie IRL next week! Wish you were coming girl!

    What a fantastic day you had and congrats on the PS DT gig!



  3. WOW is right!!

    Love the photos you lucky, lucky girl!!

  4. So glad to finally meet you in person!! :)

  5. I sooooo want to go to the Scrap Etc. event too!!!


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