Thursday, May 04, 2006

10 Food Cravings!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week's blogging challenge(from Sophia):

A quickie! List ten food cravings that you easily cave in to! If there was one offered, you’d never turn it down. Share any thoughts on these.

1)Easy..Cheesecake Factory Spring Rolls...heaven heaven heaven heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2)Penne Borghese from Charlie's Gitto's on the Hill...hand down the best pasta..with vokda, peas, proscuitto...ymmm!!!!!!!!

3)Outback Caesar Salad & their Victoria's Filet with shrooms!!!!!!

4)Really anything on the Cheesecake Facotry's menu for that matter!

5)Bahama Breeze's Onion Rings..OMG is all I can say!!!!!!!

6)Pasta with Broccoli

7)Corn on the Cob covered with butter and salt..the white/yellow super sweet kind that you can just sit and eat and eat!

8)Cracker barrel's Chicken & Dumplings

9)Scott's amazing lasanga with the bechamel sauce..yum!!!!!!!!!

10)Anything with the words Ice Cream and chocolate in it!

an 11th..cauliflower and veggie dip and let's also add those pickle cucumbers in ranch dressing! YUM!

So what are yours?


  1. Warm chocolate chip cookies, pad thai noodles, sesame chicken, bleu cheese-stuffed burgers, ice cream!

  2. i was just munching on turtle chex mix. lol


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