Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good Things Thursday

I know..I haven't posted right. You're wondering why..too busy. Just the norm..too much stuff and trying not to be on this computer too much as that means the stuff doesn't get done right!LOL But..I didn't forget about my for's some good things that make me very very happy!

1)Fun fun pedicure! Thanks to my Mom I got a really nice pedicure massage and the cutest paint job on those short toes of mine..very very me! Thanks again Mom..I will definitely be going back!!

2)New tires for my Mom mobile! Yes..I know that sounds boring..but to a car girl like not! I actually researched what tire I wanted. Sounds silly right..but it's not. It's important to know what you are driving on. So I looked around at other SUV's to see what they had what they looked like. I like "chunky" tires. Realized the ones I liked the most were on the Hummer H3. Figured that they would be too pricey. Turned more than any other tire actually less than some and the best part..they are the top rated tire and most purchased tire out there. They scored a 9 or 10 out of 10 on everything. Rain, snow, ice, everyday, name it. My current tire..3 or about that. So...showed Scott those and another..that was more..and not even as good. He said..get the ones you like. they are..and the difference is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tires are really me! I have a story to tell you if you ever want to know...right Deidre!

3)New pj shorts..need I say more..the striped pair..totally me!

4)A box of the coolest scrapbook products that you didn't pay for and love every single piece of it and can't wait to use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out Petaloo...they're amazing..and will be HUGE in the scrapbook market! Thank you Petaloo...can't wait to use your products!!!!!!!!!

5)And lastly...working with the cool Mari Mi/Paper Salon papers and getting a layout done that I really am pleased with for the CK call! Hopefully they pick it!

It's about how I realized in the month of April I took 601 pictures and still want more!!!!!! I think I will start doing a page a month like this of a random grouping of some the shots I took in a month. Great way to remind yourself of's a good thing for Thursday!

So..that's my Good Thing Thursday..what's some of yours? I challenge you to post some of your on your blogs!

Lastly..Happy Birthday to Bono from U2 cool of a guy!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hey beautiful awesome layout and cool things from Petaloo!! Hope you have a wonderful mother's day!! Hugs Wanda

  2. Yeah, for Bono's birthday!!! :)

    Boy, you had a fun Thursday!! Love your idea for doing a layout a month with all the different photos.

  3. 1. love those toesies! way cute!
    2. i want the shorts with the polkies. love those!
    3. what is petaloo?
    4. i got nothing else. lol

  4. Those are cute toes!! I wish I could fit into cute pants like that (I'm preggo!!). I wanted the Petaloo products! So jealous! Love that new page.


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