Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh my heck...

where has the past week gone? It's been a nonstop week for us. Family get together's, my monthly scrapbook crop(hi Tiff, Chandra and Al!), Mother's Day, Girl Scout dinners, Mom's Day Teas at school, article deadline for Scrap Jazz..gesh. It's nuts really. Thankfully the kids have only one more week of school and then they're off and I go part time till August. I absolutely positively cannot wait! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's what's new with me besides the obvious business..reading a new book by Dan Brown to fill my time until I see The DaVinci's Deception Point..and's hooked me just as good as his first two. Thanks Janet O! You're the best! Working on finished up some scrap projects and then need to turn my attention to two other big never ends really. Never!LOL I did take a few days off over Mother's Day to recharge my batteries. I needed it. Although I made the cutest card for my Mom with Paper Salon papers, stamps and the cutest Bee from Petaloo! Love it!

With the end of school coming up wanted to make something special for the teachers to go along with the gift cards we contribute to. And to play into my Altered Jars article I wrote for ScrapJazz. Came up with the idea of two big Dollar store jars, added some Bo Bunny papers, stickers, ribbon and candy. The one is filled with Dum Dum suckers and says on top "Thanks to you I'm no Dum Dum!" and the second one is filled with Smarties candies and says "Because of you I'm a real Smartie". How fun is that!

Bet they like these! I'll let you know when the article is up on ScrapJazz. Other than that..we have a date night Friday night..looking forward to that and Sunday going with my Mom for the first trip of the year to Six Flags. Connor is out of his mind knowing this is the year he can ride all the big rides..his Season Pass from my parents will be used ALOT!!!!!!!!!!

And..have to add so happy the Hippies won the Amazing Race! I so want to do that show..see the world..just no high jumps off bridges over deep ravines and no eating fried crickets. I would be lousy at that..can you say Gag Reflex...yep! It's such an amazing show to seeing the world and places I will never see in my cool. Maybe someday Scott and I will be the ones bickering in the car about a missed that would be a riot!LOL Only I would be the driver..he the map reader!ha

Well that's it for today..leaving you with an awesome picture of my soon to be 5th Grade Graduate..his ceremony and party is so hard to grasp that next year he'll be in jr high! Is that possible? And not to leave him out..Parker graduates preschool on Friday too! Gesh! Quite a busy day for us!

Have a great one,



  1. Oh my goodness - you ARE busy - but it's all good stuff so ENJOY!
    You know already that I LOVE that card !!!

  2. Jennifer Ellefson5/18/2006 01:24:00 PM

    Those jars are too cute, Julia! I'm sure the teachers are going to love them.

  3. Those jars are adorable! I love the sayings for them!!! WOW! Great photo too. Don't the kiddos grow so fast?

  4. Those jars are totally cute Julia!!! Love them! What a cute card too!!!! I can't wait for summer either!!! Yay!

  5. cool gift jars!!

    and i tagged you!

  6. Hey Julia!!!
    Not only have you supplied the teachers with awesome stylin' jars for their desks, but a super start on incentive rewards for next school year! I bet they loved those!!!
    Hugs! Tautchia


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