Monday, May 22, 2006

Tagged by Becky!

My bud Becky tagged me..thanks toots..can't wait to go see the Da Vinci Code as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seven things to do before I die:
1. Go to Tahiti and sleep in a hut over the water!
2. Visit Mark and Sharon in Scotland
3. Travel to Italy, Spain, Greece
4. Attend a taping of the “Oprah” show when it is her "Favorite Things"..Becky..I agree and kept this as I feel the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Drive lots more Corvettes around.
6. Live in a beach house for a whole summer
7. Win the Lottery so I can do lots and lots more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Run a marathon
2. Math beyond the basics
3. Bungy Jump
4. Ride all the Rollercoasters I used too
5. Live in a cold weather climate
6. See without my contacts
7. Walk in high heels

Seven things that attract me to my husband (or that WILL attract me once I am blessed to find someone):
1. Beautiful hands
2. Great legs (well he does!)
3. Sweet
4. Fun fun dad..will do anything!
5. Cooks & grocery shops
6. Gives great BIG gifts!
7. Compliments me when I least expect it!

Seven books that I love:
1. Any of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series..because they make me laugh, laugh and laugh!
2. All of the Harry Potter books
3. Jane Austen's books..really are there any others..Pride & Prejudice, Sense & them all!
4. The Bridges of Madison County
5. Angels & Demons, The DaVinci Code and Deception Point all by Dan Brown
6. John Grisham..need I say more?
7. House of Sand and Fog

Seven things that I say:
1. No worries
2. Sweetie Pie
3. Luv you
4. Really
5. What's up?
6. Can I ask a favor?
7. What's happenin?

Seven movies I've loved:
1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
2. Any Harry Potter Movie
3. Love Actually..well any movie with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant!
4. The Wdding Crasher/Starsky & Hutch..same type!
5. Pride & Prejudice
6. Fever Pitch
7. Pirates of the Carribean

That's it for me..tagging Briana Fisher, Kristi Managan, Dee GP, Christi Snow..


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