Monday, June 19, 2006

Birthday's, Recitals, Internet Woes and More! know it's next to impossible to keep my blog updated when my ISP is down all the time! AAHH We are getting online somedays for 5-10 minutes at a time and no more! So..if you're a daily reader of my blog and and of late are getting irritated at me..thank Charter for this. I have lots to share with you..just no ability to do it. So let's see if today we can't do a catch up of stuff okay?

So..this past weekend..Haley's birthday party..check! Haley's dance recital...check!

One of Macarthur's amazing cookie cakes..these will add ten pounds to my thighs just looking at it! Soo oooooo gooooddd!!!!!!!!!!!

See Tammy....I told you she loved the Bratz Twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there's the highlights..everything good! She looked beautiful on the stage(actually a bit too pretty in her makeup..Scott said..she's never dating!HA) and definitely takes after me and much prefers tap over ballet! Good choice!LOL

So..I have to share one more absolutely amazing pic..I took this of her about 2 weeks ago or less..but didn't get to post's amazing..the color..everything..can't wait to scrap this one........

So that's it for today..been super busy doing some work for Bo Bunny that was due now I can move onto some other's all good though!




  1. That has to be the cutest cake! and cute pics!

  2. Boy, Julia, you have been busy!!
    Wasn't she adorable at her recital! I bet you were so proud and that photo at the pool is wonderful.
    I have to agree about MacArthur's cakes. We had our wedding cake created by them and several, several cakes since!

  3. Wow - the color on that photo is stunning!!! What a beautiful girl! Love the dance photos!


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