Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy 9th Birthday Haley!

Well today is my sweet Haley's 9th Birthday! She wanted to know the exact time she was born..1:17pm in the afternoon..8 lbs 6 oz..the biggest of the three. Scott delivered her with my cool Dr. watching him. He was so stinkin proud of himself. She's a sweetheart, kind, thoughtful, a true blonde(think of a Suzanne Sommers in 3's, brave, always open to do something new and loves to be with me and her family. She's truly a treasure and the past 9 years have flown by. I would gladly relive them all over to experience her again as a baby..but I guess I just have to enjoy her as she is now..a big 9 year old!

Here's some layouts of her over the years if you stroll down memory lane with me..(get the kleenex!)

Thanks so much for strolling with me! I could put hundreds more layouts of her here..but chances are you've seen them in my gallery!

Happy Birthday Haley! Everyone should have a daughter like you!

Lots of love,

Mommy and Daddy!!!!!!!!!


  1. ohh, it was her golden birthday! happy golden one, golden girl!

  2. Oh, I hope she had a very Happy Birthday!!!!! :)
    Love seeing your layouts over the years, Julia!!


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