Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How about an Update? is busy. I mean I know everyone's is..but lately is silly, stupid busy. But still good..still fun. Just busy! Which means in all that busyness..less time on the computer. And that's good really. I've got lots more things I should be doing! Here's what has been keeping this family busy...

Garage Sales..sold enough that I get to go order a new entry foyer light(YES!), the pendant lights for the kitchen and hopefully a new fan too. That is very very exciting and well worth the 2 days of garage saleing(is that a word!LOL) and all the days leading up that I went through the house getting things ready.

Six Flags...we out there Friday for Haley's birthday. Sat in traffic that came from nowhere an hour. Just to get there and literally find out that the water park had just closed! OMG what water park closes at 6pm!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say we weren't happy and returned Saturday after the garage sale and hung out till they closed at 7pm and then went for dinner.

Cars...took the kids on Haley's birthday to see this..LOVED LOVED it..did I say loved? Because I did. Maybe it's that diehard car person in me maybe I think Owen Wilson's voice is the cutest on there..maybe I like Bonnie Hunt as a Porshe( Vettes!)..but it's simply adorable. I will most likely take the kids to see it again when it goes to the dollar show. It's too cute!

Walking..yes..every day almost getting out for a really really good walk that involves some good hills that let's me know it's really working. Stepping on the scales finally shows a small we're finally moving in the right direction. What a really good feeling! I need that!

Scrapping..well some cool projects have come to my table and it's been really really exciting! Can't say a whole lot more right now...on that. Bo Bunny is sending me some new product goodies..well they'll be here today. Giving us on the DTeam a first time chance to design projects for the actual catalog. I am too too excited. So another tight turnaround due on Monday. Wish me luck!

Other than that..let's see..Haley's dance recital Friday night, Haley's birthday party Saturday at the pool, Father's Day Sunday, my BBunny deadline Monday...this is our life lately. Fun..but busy. And yes...I have scrapped in all this I'll leave you with some new ones...

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thanks for checking in..I'll be back I promise!LOL



  1. Really cute layouts, Julia! I can't wait to hear about what all you are working on! Smiles!

  2. I was in that traffic on Fri night as well... sucked didn't it??
    Love your lo's they look great!

  3. gorgeous Layouts Julia - so bright and colorful! Good for you for walking!!!


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