Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Photos for Sharon

Yah!!!!!!!! My friend Sharon is back home and inquired about new photos so...since she asked..here they are.........

cool one of Connor with his birthday gifts..his Ipod and Iboombox. He's trying not to look overly cool..but I think he is regardless!

Here's a fun one of the birthday girl opening what else..a Bratz doll..her favorite!

Who said girls can't ride! Haley loves to ride on Connor's Razor chopper and I have to say she looks too darn cool on it..even more than he does!LOL

I caught these pics of Parker while he was chewing on a gummi worm..I know..in the pool yes! The second one..is to me..AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there they are...some pics of the kids...

have a good one,



  1. Great pics, Julia!! Especially the pool shots!

  2. You are right - I love that 2nd pic!!! Awesome!!!


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