Thursday, June 22, 2006



Can I just say that I am completely and totally dependent on this internet and when it's's just bad! Especially when it's down as much as ours has been. Drives me nuts. But I'm on..and here I am ready to post and share some stuff.'s been a tough week..amazing how in one moment everything can change for you. But it's just get up..and try it a different way. So..I'm just moving forward..feeling I made a really good choice. But I know..if things change..I'm aware on how to better handle that. I promise..I am learning!

I am completely lucky to have a person in my life named Lynne! Words don't describe her..she's just everything I need to be and better. (insert big smile here) Thanks for giving me some of your day!!!!!!!!!! No...alot of your day!LOLOLOL It's amazing how many things we can talk about!LOL

And speaking of Lynne..I have been dying to share a layout that she inspired. No not a layout of hers she herself inspired it..and that is really cool I think. So Lynne...this one is for you.....*Click on's worth it..and the little arrow say "happiness"'s not going to knock anyone's socks off..but it makes me smile really big and it feels just like Haley. It's her. And that's really her. I like that its just a bit out of focus..and she's looking away..because it's her. She's wearing our favorite Happy Bunny shirts..and the "Not Listening" one which is so true! But it's all her..I need to do more like this don't you think?

My legs are scary. Went and had a vein treatment done. Why do I wait to summer to do this is beyond me but I did. So I had all these bruised spots all over my calf and thighs..oh well. They'll look good when the bruises are gone. Thankfully the Dr has changed his original statement of my needing 6 treatments to now 3. And this was my 2nd so this should be really effective given how well I did 2 years ago on the first. Just silly of me to do it now. Next time..dead winter I go..pale legs!haha

Well my brain is much going on lately its crazy. our calendar is filled everyday it not like us. But I guess this is life as the kids get older we are getting busier. And I love being that pull to come back is strong. But it's nice to get out there too.

And and and I am on summer book #7 if you believe it. I am flying through books right now. Reading a mystery(I think) by Kay Cooper..trying out lots of new authors..just finished the Shopaholic series and felt the book at times reminded me just a teeny bit of me..but then who wouldn't who likes to shop!ha




  1. (((hugs))) Really cute layout, hon!

  2. Just wanted to make sure things are ok! Kim

  3. Julia - that layout is fabulous!!! Knocks MY socks off!!
    Are you talking about Lynne from the Cottage? I've never really "met" her but she seems like such a nice person!

    I've been debating having some kind of treatment on these ugly veins that are popping up. Just always scared of the unknown. Does it hurt?

    Love, love, love the SHopaholic series. I felt the same way reading those books!! :)

  4. awww, shucks. love you, too, sweetcheeks.
    i'm so happy to have inspired your spirit. that's what really counts and i'm honored.
    look forward to more marathon chats. that felt sooo good!

  5. Awesome page! What a great friend Lynne must be!! Ouch on the legs!!


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