Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vacation Continued...

So..I'm back..where were we..oh yes..cute couple's a fun one of Tammy and Mark taken while we were at Pecker's(what a name!LOL)Mark being a very silly boy here too!

The guys got to go out fishing while us girls hung out at the's the guys heading out to get some fish..Scott caught 3 I believe!

Tammy, Randy(their sitter), Haley and Carmi after the guys left to fish..

Love this pic of my little guy when we late one night did Go-carts. He didn't have anyone to ride with so he got to ride the little ones.

and a cute one of the guys after Go-carts...

Scott and Haley playing H20 Uno..we love Uno and note Park sleeping in the background..

We had fun..can't wait to do it again! Thanks for joining me on our trip adventure via blogger!LOL


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  1. Great photos! Wow you look like you had a blast!


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