Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We're heading out...

that is to say tomorrow we're heading out to the Lake with our best friends. Should be alot of fun. We all took a trip together about what..8 years ago!LOL Prekids for them..just Con and Haley for us. But it was fun..this will be better though! We have plans to boat, fish, sun, sun, and sun some more and swim. And maybe check out a water park too! I am just looking forward to a complete and total break from reality! And I checked out 7 books at the library..we'll see how many I get to read! Here's a pic of Tammy and I taken on the 4th! She and I and her crew are so looking forward to getting away!

Our last trip was 2 years ago and we had the best time ever and met Mark and Sharon from Scotland..seen here just last month in Mexico. Guys...we so wish we could have made it!!! Thanks for the cool pic of you both..I am posting it here because if I looked this good in a bikini I would want it here too and Mark has simply the coolest tattoo! So there!

So we're outta here soon..new tile floor is supposed to be done while we're gone and my cool new foyer/entry light..can't wait!

Lynne..thanks again..you're just awesome! Wish I could have stole away in your suitcase! It looks simply incredible as you did! Watch your mailbox!




  1. have a wonderful time! then your brain can go into vaca mode and you'll be a moron like me. it's fun! LMAO

  2. hope you've had an awesome time!


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