Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Are You Ready for An Update?'s been a bit too long since my last post and I am sorry about that. I've just been busy..fact of life..yep busy. But then anyone who reads my blog knows that that is my life all the time. But how about an update on things and such.

Kitchen Remodel

Good's almost done. And really I shouldn't call it a remodel..but it seems like it to us. We've got a new tile floor, new wall color, some cabinets gone(they were all taken out to tile under) and we decided not to put some back for now as well they stunk. So we're making due until we can get all new ones. We gave the island a mini facelift..counter top still to come, added a new fan,(the old light colored one will come down eventually for pendant lights) a new clock and put the upstairs bench in..and well it's like a kitchen remodel for us. Here's some pics for you:

Here's some things I bought for the kitchen that I am crazy over..

love this candle and the cool wood base it stands on..perfect!

Shoe's just a basket but when I found it at TJMaxx I knew it was coming home with me. It's huge, great shape and the perfect colors! And holds tons of shoes!

So there's the not hugely exciting but for us..HUGE! Gone the crappy white linoleum that always always looked dirty and had spots and yellow marks and looked awful! Gone the country, paisley wallpaper! Gone the window cabinet that really was a collection spot for junk. We'll replace it with a much better setup eventually. Still need to find new window panels for the sliding door..but's it's not a huge priority..the floor makes me so happy and having it in the bath and laundry room..awesome!

So..that's it for to work my final shift at Gymboree..I'll update more tomorrow as there's alot more to share!



  1. Your kitchen looks GREAT Julia! Love the wall color!

  2. The kitchen looks great and I ADORE the color! So alive! :)

  3. Kitchen looks great! I love the color!

  4. hey, Julia!
    ooooh! i LOVE the shoe basket idea. you are so very clever. gonna have to lift that idea. hope ya don't mind. your kitchen looks great. That green color rocks. such a happy color.

  5. Totally digging the color!!


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