Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy 6th Birthday Parker!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go again with another birthday..and my thinking where on earth does the time go? How can my baby be 6 and be starting Kindergarten this year? Not sure how I'll do with him being gone all day!!!!!! He's the bright spot of the day..he loves to hug me, give kisses and tell me more times than I can count that he loves me. He's truly something special!!! So happy happy happy Birthday my crazy, silly, very loving 6 year old Pirate Parker!

He'll say..Mom..I want to give you a this week I took a picture of him doing that!

Hey Mom..he told me..I am a sun! Yes...he really is a bit of sunshine!!!

Here's a new Paper Salon layout I did of him with what is always seen on his face! A smile!

So here's to my cool guy Parker..happy happy happy Birthday you cool, funny guy! We love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy, Daddy, Connor & Haley


  1. Happy 6th Parker! Love your photos!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Parker!!! :)
    Julia - love your paper salon layout! That photo is just perfect:)

  3. hope it was an awesome birthday, parker the pirate :)

    julia -- i have a question for you at the kitchen table at the cottage lol


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