Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Full Tilt

Well things are back to full tilt with this week Gymnastics, Dancing and and Girl Scouts for Haley. Gesh..not dull is it with all that. But suprisingly this last week was very dull. It started with that Scott and I were dying to sleep in on Saturday. I mean is it too much to ask to sleep past 6am on the weekend? Gesh! But no..due to the holiday that darn garbage man came on Saturday instead of Friday and of all days do you think he picked up late...NO how about early! Like 7am early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost ran outside and yelled at him for that. OMG So..here I get up, use the bathroom and intend to return to bed to go to sleep and no..can't..I'm awake and there's no point in faking it. So we got up and it just made for the whole day to be off. Can't explain it any other way than that. I thought I'd scrapbook as I have lots to play with and some work to do..but it just wasn't there. Sunday did this layout(this is the one Lynne):

It had actually sat on my desk for the whole week because I didn't know what I wanted to do..so silly really. So got that done and again felt the don't feel motivated feeling. I hate that. So I decided to do some organizing since crops are starting back up and want to be able to offer brads and such in a better way if they want to purchase them. So...bought those large floss containers and organized my brads and all my sequins and rhinestones which gave me more room for my chipboard and such. Much better...still not feeling it. I started on a layout last night and think it's going well but can't think of a title for nothing..not that it HAS to have one..but yes..it sort of does. So we'll see where that leads me.

What else...ummm Dancing with the Stars starts tonight..yes! So looking forward to that. Finale of Rockstar SuperNova tomorrow night and then Thursday yes..Survivor..so looks like my rear end will be glued to the TV a bit..not so good!

So that's it..nothing too big here..still pondering a dog...not sure..somedays yes..others no..maybe that means we need to think more.

We'll see...so until next time..



  1. Hi. I just came across your blog tonight and noticed that we both live here in St.Louis! I actually live in St.Charles. I am from Salt Lake City but I have lived here for about 4 years. I only know a few people that scrapbook here except for all of the employees at Archivers that know me on a first name basis because of how much I am in there. Do you go to any crops that are fun? Just figure I would say hi anyway. Have a good night. I am so inspired by your pages. They are very beautiful. Jenni Haywood

  2. Love the page!! I hate it when I wake up early and can't go back to sleep!


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