Sunday, September 03, 2006

Let's Update

Okay time for an update now that it looks like my internet connection is officially fixed for now. Turns out it has to do with my computer's NIC card if anyone is a techie and that it went out and therefore I lost my ethernet connection. Soooo..the cable guy tried to fix for now switched out my modem yet again and changed it to a USB connection until I can take the computer in for a fix. Great..what fun. And it's probably the reason for the past 4 months I've had trouble as the ethernet card must have been dying a slow death.

So...let's chat about things..on top of my mind..I am very sad to say that I did not win one of the 26 finalist positions for the Ki album contest. Hmmm..yesterday when I found this out..I was really really sad. I have dreamed about being on Ki's team since their inception..I know I am the right fit. However..maybe an album isn't the best way for me to show them this? Not sure..but I will post some bits from the album..just not today. I'm moving on...there is much more to life than this right?

Worked my rear off..well I wish it had fallen off...yesterday in the yard. Front and back..and let's just say the yard looks amaaazzing. I can feel it in my legs today but that's all good. And speaking of which..I am 3 pounds down and feeling much better. Need to take off 10 more..that's my goal and I know I can do it..just takes time, lots of walking and watching those snacks.

Well I backed off the puppy kick for now. Got bitten by the bug..the kids want one, I do..Scott doesn't. So we(I) looked at all sorts..they must be small..Cairn Terrier's (think Toto), Boston Terriers, Lhasa's, Pug's, Bichon's all these kind. I think we're leaning now toward a BTerrier. If if if we would get one..really needs to be one that doesn't need grooming..we just don't want to get into that and one that doesn't get that look around their eyes. You know what I mean..Poodles get this and I'm not keen on that we'll see. Maybe in a few weeks..still thinking wondering..I just don't want the kids growing up without a pet, a friend and it's been 3 years since Nina..and I am I think it can work.

Jumped on Lynne's 100 Scrapbook challenge. What is this? A challenge to make 100 items..scrapbook pages, cards, altered items etc etc before buying more supplies. Sounds easy? Not really although all my friends who know me know for me it should be right? It's more about trying to overcome this obsession with always buying all the new stuff and really I can resist I can! I get new stuff for 2 teams and new stuff from ScrapJazz once a granted it's now new stuff I choose..but I am ready to try this and we'll see how far I get before giving in. So as of today..I have made 10 things so 90 more to go before I can buy anything!HA

Okay Blogger is being stupid and not allowing me to upload so here's a link to my gallery at ScrapJazz where you can view all the new stuff..

Well that's it for to work on a layout, go for a walk and sit and read a bit before going to our friends. Hope you have a good Labor Day..we'll talk soon!


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  1. well, we know you're a rock star! glad you're handling the fact that KI didn't know it. he he
    come clean up my yard, will ya?


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