Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On My Mind

This is what is on my mind today... while I wait for a picture to print...

Baby Suri..can't help it..I am totally interested and you know..I personally think she is a beautiful baby! I loved the pictures and to me they look like a happy family. Who I am to judge!

Lost items...I really want someone to clue me in on why my brain does this. Here's an example..I lose something. Something important..isn't it always. I get upset knowing I hate to lose things. I start backtracking and singing in my head from Blue's Clues..go back go back go back to where you were. And I do..I go through everything. Now..while this whole thing is taking place I am ignoring this voice(whatever you call it) in my head telling me to check wherever. But that wherever is always the strangest place and can't possibly be where it is. So I keep looking and keep thinking about that place. And when I have given up on the item..I take a minute to check that silly stupid place and guess what...every stinkin time it's there! Would someone please explain what is going on!LOL positively annoying it is to buy jeans for Connor and find that every brand and every style fit him different. No two are the same and it's insane! So I have to go exchange more jeans...can't we have a uniform size?

Sunny them..need I say more?

Sunny Days that I don't work...even better! LOL

JuJu new candy of choice. Why..lots of chewing, tastes great and something about it makes you not need much to get the sweet craving out of you.

Headaches...they stink!

Underwear...why do people namely celebrities not wear them knowing paparazzi are waiting for those moments to catch them. So stupid! And they of all people can afford cool ones!HA

Toby...Rockstar SuperNova..I want him to win and then come visit me!LOL Love Aussie accents..and

speaking of Aussie's..just incredibly sad news about the Crocodile Hunter..Steve Irwin. So sad for his family..just too young. But I know I know..look at what he did right..dangerous job..the odds are..yes..I know..just makes me very sad!

Ki I didn't win..but yes..I did finally post my losing's a link

last thought.. I love these Bo Bunny products..

Okay photo is to scrap one..



  1. your album is AWESOME!! i hope to see it in person one day -- are you still doing the crops at your house??

  2. Loved your album, Julia!!!
    I ditto, Becky! Can't wait to see it IRL.

  3. Your new page is awesome! LOL about the underwear and the Blue's Clue's song! hehe.


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