Monday, October 30, 2006

New Things

Time for an update..we had a busy weekend with watching the game! The Cardinal's won the World very cool!!!!!!!!! Friday night's game was great..would have loved to have been there.

Saturday went to a Pumpkin Patch

and then a fun hayride and bon fire in the evening. We had a great time with the friends who invited us. And Parker was in heaven gathering sticks for the fire. Here's a picture of us all before we went on the hayride.

Sunday got some cute pictures of Haley and Peso on one of his many trips outside to hopefully "go potty" gesh!

Let me tell you it's very very hard to get pictures of a very busy puppy! He's a bundle of energy right now and we tried putting him on his lead and he spent the entire time chewing it. He loves to sunbathe though and in the afternoon the front lawn is all sun. He's too little to be out there alone..but we still want him to get used to it for the spring when he's older.

I've been busy working on some scrapbook projects too. One of them is using the new Fall line from Bo Bunny. I covered a carveable pumpkin and decorated it up. Made a tag to hang from a candle and a card. I still am planning on covering a smaller pumpkin and making napkin rings and place cards for the set. Hopefully some nice magazine will want to publish it. Ha! That would be nice!

and here's my newest project a Halloween tin bucket I did using new Bo Bunny papers to hold all the treats for tomorrow night! I added lots of googly eyes and gauze to match with the papers and stickers.

So that's it for now..oh wait..a picture of Haley in her costume. She went to the school's fall festival. Let's just say gone are the cute costumes. Although I can't say a thing as she is so my daughter for chosing this!

That's it for now..Happy Monday!



  1. Lve your crafty projects that pumpkin & Bucket are fantastic! Oh and I think your DD looks great! hehe

  2. Oh my look at Haley!
    Julia - I just love that altered pumpkin!!!

  3. ok, just love everything here!
    but my favorite is senor peso. how stinkin' cute is he?


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