Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Ok Go..the band that lately I listen to on my walks. I discovered them on MTV music awards and had to find out more and hear more of their music. So glad I did! They have such a great beat, good songs and I just can't seem to get enough of them.

I've been wanting to share this video of theirs. It's awesome! Who knew that a treadmill was so much more fun! I should be dancing on it instead of walking!LOL

So go here..see the video and see what makes me smile!


And here's some new layouts I made for this month's ScrapJazz assigment...

I have much more to post..I'll be back!



  1. Gorgeous layouts, Julia! I love this chatterbox line. The top one that looks like the sun is just awesome, but I really like the other two also!! smiles...

  2. Love your layouts, Julia!!

    I'll have to check out OK Go! Haven't heard of them.
    Lately I've been listening to Snow Patrol. Apparently they have been around awhile but as usual I just discovered them (lol)


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