Wednesday, November 08, 2006

For Deidre...

I hereby dedicate this post to my buddy Deidre who reminded me I needed to update my blog. My bad..she's right. I think about it and then get sidetracked which is the story of my life lately. I always get started on something and then one of the kids or Scott needs something and then I lose my focus and forget what I was going to do. Go start something else..remember I was doing something else..and now have many things going on all which don't get finished. Sound familiar? Yep..that's me in a nutshell.

So what's new you ask? Had a busy weekend with birthday parties, errands in search of a backpack that wouldn't break. Haley broke two straps on two different bags since school started and wanted a specific one. Thank goodness I found it. Sunday we were invited to join our friends Jill and Steve and go with them to the Rams game. They have season tickets and we were too happy to say yes! Only my 2nd Rams game. Although you'd think it was a KS Chiefs stadium given how many of their fans were in the dome. WOW! Lots of red! We had alot of fun with them though.

Cleaning up around here from Halloween. I am going to reshoot some pictures with Parker as I realized I didn't get a single picture of him standing with his costume and we forgot to put his mustache on. So today before gymnastics..a Halloween retake!LOL Plus I want to have the kids put the big witch and frankenstein away this more Halloween decorations. Enough! Can you believe last night I say a house here off Becker with Xmas decorations up?OMG!!!!!!!! NOOOO!LOL

I don't think I posted any pics of the kids on Halloween here you go.

and here's a new one of Senor to impossible to catch a busy puppy for a picture!

I do better with these!

or these..LOL

Okay that's about it for now. I'll be gone this weekend! I leave Friday morning for the Lake with some very very very fun women for the Crop & Shop! Can't wait!

Here's my latest..with Paper Salon this pic of Haley and if I do say..this layout ROCKS!

That's it..



  1. Wow!!! LOVE this is so bright and fun and that pic of her is fantastic!!! Gorgeous! smiles...

  2. Beautiful work, Julia!!
    Have fun on your weekend trip!
    It's good to get away once in awhile :)

  3. Fantastic photos and beautiful LO Julia -- hope you had a fun girls weekend!


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