Sunday, January 14, 2007

Do you believe it???

Do you believe it? I am back! I haven't posted since my computer went into the shop on December 15th and I have really missed it. Especially since it was over the holidays! It's amazing how dependent I am on my computer for everything! Thankfully it's back and seems to be running beautifully so you should be able to look forward to lots of regular updates. I did a little tweeking on the blog and added a slide show on the right with some of my work. I'll update it as I have new things to show.

I've been busy working on new projects for Paper Salon for the upcoming CHA show. Lots of very cool things that you'll have to sit tight and wait to see. I also joined a new monthly kit design team called Sugar Dumplin. Be sure to click on the link on the right and check that out as well.

I've made lots and lots of projects over the Christmas holiday and here's one of my favorites I made using the Basic Grey Fruitcake line.

I made lots of those letters for a friends Xmas party so I got my fill of those and wound up making actually 3 of those trees..all different though. I still have one to make but am giving myself a break from Xmas things for a bit.

Let's see Peso is doing just great. We're all crazy in love with him. He's a good dog! Smart, loving, snuggly, smart, fun, playful, good listener and so darn cute it's really not fair to the other dogs!hahah Here's a picture from our Xmas pictures of Connor and Haley with him. I don't think he was too thrilled with me on the Santa bandana thing but oh well!

Everyone else is doing great..I'm wishing school was out already and spring was here! A girl can wish right?!

I'll be back soon with an update! I promise this time it won't be a month!!


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  1. Hey, Julia!
    Congrats on your DT position. Way to go, girlie!

    Hope I'll be seeing you at CKC St. Louis. Are you going?

    Talk to ya soon! Tautchia


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