Sunday, March 18, 2007

Update on Life

So...just when I was thinking Spring was really here..I mean it was almost 80 degrees this week..we have snow yesterday! Not accumulating snow..but still cold enough to snow! GESH! Enough..bring on spring. I was all set on getting out the warm clothes..the kids loved it and we're right back to the cold. I will say the beginning of their spring break week was heavenly with the warm weather. So I really appreciate that.

We've been working on the kitchen. Painting cabinets as reality has set in and we know we cannot replace them right now. We're focused on new counters, tiling the backsplash and having a new bigger island made. That along with some other changes should be a HUGE change in itself. I will say with the cabinets painted..they look sooooo much better and'd never know they were the same. But lots of work still to do. We're getting there..the list is just way long!

This week also brought new carpet to the house. Thank god! The blue carpet that was on the main level, up the stairs and in the upstairs hall..GONE! FINALLY! OMG! It was awful! In place..a beautiful frise carpet that I still can't believe is really here! It's like my eyes aren't ready to adjust after 5 years of the other nasty color. But I am so glad it's gone! It was two crazy days though will it was being it was being done. The babies and I were trapped in one room for a bit too! And when he worked on the steps..boy was that fun! Try having kids home on spring break, watching little ones who nap upstairs and not being able to go up and down. Get the idea?!

I've been a busy scrapper though. Had a really dissapointing week with a magazine. There were some calls out for some Halloween projects...I spent most of last weekend working on 11 yes 11 projects to have all of ZERO chosen. I am honestly shocked. The one set is the cutest thing you ever saw and they didn't grab it? Sometimes I just don't even know what to think and wonder why on earth I even bother. I guess I'll submit it elsewhere. I was told I must by my Marketing Director at BB and I will. I just wish they could give some feedback on why things aren't chosen. Give you a little direction you know!

Here's a cute card and tag set I made that wasn't chosen..I liked them..still do!HA

I'm just crazy over that owl stamp. Lately it's owls and birds and turtles for me! Too fun!

Okay that is it for today..I'll update with a pic of the painted cabinets and carpet for those that would like to see a peek into my home!

Have a great Sunday,



  1. LOVING your blog!! It's GREAT!!! Keep up the good work..I'll be back.!!! Ü

  2. Holy smokes Julia, that owl set is da bomb.. it will get picked up. LOVE the owl stamp, where did you get it?


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