Friday, April 27, 2007

It's About Time!!

That's what you're saying right? Yep..I know..I'm blogging less and less lately. Seems like I am scrapping and such more. Maybe that's a good thing though. Scrapping can ultimately lead to a paycheck. Too bad blogging can do the same!HA That would be great!

So since I've been about some layouts and photos and such..let's start with some new layouts I made using one of I think Bo Bunny's best lines..Play All's a new one of Parker and Connor..

Connor's layout is looking a little tilted I guess due to scanning. But you get it. I've been busy working on projects for SugarDumplin. Although I can't post those until May 1st..I promise they are worth the wait. Worked with some Basic Grey Scarlet Letter papers that really didn't grab me. I definitely would have walked by them in the store. And guess what..some of my best work was done suing them. I LOVE when that happens. Makes you feel good..and who doesn't like that!

Let's see...can't leave out Haley..I made this one for a sketch challenge I was in charge of at SugarDumplin. There's alot going on..and what do you know Basic Gray Romani too..cut the paper all up..

I absolutely love this pic of her. Took it at the Lake last summer. I'm sure I will scrap it again as there are a million ways to use this photo of her. The colors are amazing and I love how blonde her hair was last summer. So pretty..why do I have to pay for it I ask! Thank goodness at least my girl got it! The boys don't need it!

Let's see what else is a new adhesive gun for scrapping. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but I use adhesive up quick and alot! It gets after talking to friends and reading lots of posts I switched to the 3M ATG 714 gun. It's for professional framers..I guess. But the thing is the adhesive comes in BIG roles and lasts a long time and is really sticky. A key element. The only drawback is getting used to the difference in size of the adhesive roller. I was totally unprepared yesterday when I opened the box and saw this...

I laughed so hard I know my eyes were watering. I just couldn't believe how BIG the new gun was! HOLY COW!!! What a riot! I can just see Scott walking in while I am using it and thinking it's a nail gun or something "manly". I'll admit..I thought it was smaller..and looking at it not sure what it is this big. But I loaded it up last night..tried it..not bad. I think I can adjust although my wrists will hate me for this and well that cute little bin I kept my glue runner in..well that's a joke! I need ALOT of space for this!HA

So that's it for now. The kids and I are starting to count down the number of weeks left till summer break and guess's not many at all! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Part time work here I come. I can't wait and I know the kids are anxious. Parker just today asked again when school was over and when Mommy wouldn't have babies here. It seems to be wearing on him lately. He wants to be with me all the time..which is fine! I love him too!!

One of my SugarDumplin layouts!

Oh and lastly I almost forgot..I have a class coming up that I am teaching Wednesday, May 2nd at the Making Memories store in Columbia, IL. It's a Bo Bunny mini book just in time for Mom's Day or for a friend, sister. I made mine up as a Two of a Kind theme showing how similiar Haley and I are. You can use that theme or work from the Bo Bunny Friends or Family stickers. I wanted people to be able to chose what theme works best for them. Here's a peek at it..

You can click on this to see this larger..

Any questions on it give me a holler..otherwise you can call the Making Memories store and join me! Hope to see you there!

That's it for now.. have a good day,


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