Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Water Dog

Peso has now firmly convinced me that he is no ordinary dog! No! He loves to jump over piles of things..picture an agility course, he's learning to play frisbee, like to play soccer with little balls in our kitchen, talks..yes.. and now this! I think he needs an agent..anyone know one?

Just a bit of background. Our inground sprinklers haven't been turned on yet. And the kids were over at a neighbors house using their sprinkler. I thought I'd give them a break and brought ours out. Peso was watching the kids as he always does. So I let him out and put him on his lead figuring he'd sit and watch.

Nope..this is what he did until I stopped him 30 minutes later!!

Click this link if the video doesn't come up..it's being a bit weird!


Besides how silly I sound..how silly is this dog!!!


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