Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vacation Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! Well we're back and wow what a great time we had! So much darn fun and even more fun when you hang out with your best friends that are just like you! We really have the best time together!!! The weather wasn't great 2 days..played lots of Phase 10 and snacked. Headed out later those days and we were so glad to get out and see some sun!

Okay..the amazing boat we spent our time on..everyone stops always to compliment. Every gas station we stopped at people asked if they could take their picture in front of it!LOL

the whole gang..they suprised us with shirts that we wore out for our friend Steve's birthday. The front said Aquapalooza 2007 and the back said.."anchored out and getting loud all summer long"

Captain Parker

Haley, Connor and Stef on the triple tube...

my best friend Jill and I ready to take on the was crazy!

Sweet Haley using my floatie that I LOVED!

The amazing amazing hubby of mine that not only water skied after oh...16+ years but then slalomed skiied too! Get this though..that man of mine broke several ribs right before this picture was taken! He's now in some serious pain but who in their mind breaks their ribs and then skiis!! He didn't tell me until 2 days later the goof!

Last proof I was on the vacation as I took almost all the pics..Parker took this of me!

A very very fun vacation! Can't wait to do it again!!


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  1. Glad you had such a nice, relaxing and fun vacation!!
    You look fabulous in that photo :0)


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