Monday, October 01, 2007

It's October!!!??!!!

Seriously when did August end September swoop in and leave and according to my's October?!! OMG I swear..did I really not blog last since August?! My bad..I'll get back in the groove I promise! So how about an update!

Let's's are doing okay..Parker(aka Mr. Fidget) appearantly is not doing well at sitting still. Well this is no shock given this has been apart of his IEP since FOREVER and it's just him. I feel if he isn't bothering others, isn't causing a problem..can't he be?! I mean during reading and book time..does it really matter if he turns around? Someone let me know if turning around during this time means he isn't learning. Because he's doing well, picking up words really fast, reading, grabbing onto math faster than me. But maybe academics is no longer important. It's the ability to sit still! GESH

In honor of my's a new layout of him with his favorite stuffed animal..his horse Bullseye!

Parker loves this layout..well he loves the picture of him too. He'll see a layout hanging on the wall and if it's him he always says...hey that's me!LOL But this one when he saw the title..Pony Up he went crazy over it. Walked around the house just saying pony up pony up! Too funny!

Here's another new layout with an older photo. My Mom took this of the boys a few years ago at Six Flags. Cute pictures of them from the back. If you're me what you notice is how similar they are. They are! I joke I had identical twins 5 years apart because it's true!

And well I had better not leave Haley here's one of her. This photo was taken this summer on our lake trip. Instead of the layout being about the trip..I made it about her smile..

The kids are all about Halloween right now. Me..getting there. I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon as many of my neighbors have and put the decorations out just yet. Maybe it's because each year the kids want to put out more and by Halloween I'm tired of it. So we're holding off a bit. It's's really a fun holiday but the work of everything up and down and keeping it all nice it's alot! Plus last year Peso kept getting tangled on the ropes of our big inflatable. I don't look forward to that again as I am sure he'll do it again. Goofball!

Another bit of news is that I decided after 10 months to step down from the SugarDumplin monthly kit design team. I really enjoyed being apart of it. But decided I was spreading myself a bit thin in my other commitments. So here's my final work for this month using the Seasonal Kit...a spooky Halloween kit!

and here's another project..

If you'd like to see more please go to

Well that's it for now..I'll be back with the scoop on the kids Halloween costumes, I think this year is the best year! And some very cool Halloween projects I'm working on! Also a special congrats to my Cousin Jeff and his wife Lisa on the birth of their baby boy Hayden. What a cool name!



  1. when i have kids who can't sit still, i put them somewhere where they won't disturb anyone else. i do the same with my standers. i just put them in the back row.
    it's a tough call, though. sometimes you'll have parents complain about the child who fidgets disturbing their kid, so it's hard to do the right thing where everyone is concerned.

  2. Julia i LOVE all of these ! Great work ! You always do such amazing stuff !


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