Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Pictures

I was all set to update my blog today and realized that I have not yet shared pictures from Halloween! So I had better do that before I change my blog header.

So let's start with pictures of the house and things in the house that make me smile...

Check out the upper left windows..we put those window screens up and turned the lights on behind..very cool! I'm hoping to get more for next year and have them on all the upstairs windows.

Here are some of the Halloween things I made for around our house this year..the Star uses Making Memories and Bo Bunny papers.

This fun pennant uses Making Memories Halloween papers and glitters, Cricut Doodlecharms cartridge and some Sandylion stickers.

This is actually a little lamp. I cut a hole in the back of the house and added a craft light to it. Way fun!

I was able to go to the kids school this year. I was in charge of the craft for Parker's class and snapped some pictures of the Halloween parade. Here's Haley..

Obviously you know who we are..we took this before Haley and Parker headed out for the night with me..

It was really hard not having Connor dressed up and participating. I think he felt since his friends weren't..he shouldn't. As it turns out most of the kids I saw out were older than he is. So he's decided next year to dress up and go back out! I'm glad..I know that soon he will be done..but I wasn't ready for two out of three to go out!'re eyes are probably tired of all these pictures by Happy Fall!!



  1. These are wonderful! Your house looks awesome and I love all of your creations. That lamp is the coolest!!! Parker and Haley look awesome. ;)

  2. You did a great job! I love Halloween! I'm a tad bit more on the creep spooky side though... have older kids. We have a blast decorating! Looks like you do too!

  3. awesome photos and projects... Love those window screens. I haven't seen those.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. I always love your stuff for Halloween. I kept wondering 'where is Conner'? Just a sign that time passes to quickly.
    Thanks too for the tag but I can't think of enough people to tag:( Take care and hope to talk to you soon!


  5. wow! You went all out decorating for Halloween! Great job with it all!

  6. The house looked great, Julia! How festive! And the kids look gorgeous (as always!).

  7. Wow, love how you decorated and all the little projects. You have the most gorgeous family Julia!


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